10 October 2006

Cape Verde Islands ... how to get there - scheduled ...

got a bit of a shock looking at the flight prices

with TAP the price ex Gatwick via LISbon to SID [Sal airport] outbound on 23rd Dec and returning on 30the Dec is a jaw dropping 1,070 gbp and that is choosing the cheapest dates around this time, and price is the same ex LHR ...

the price for the LIS-SID leg is the crippling part - 800 quid !

using Amadeus to look at the scheduled flights - the only ones to SID are TAP/TACV and none of the flights to Praia (RAI), via continental europe, seem to go on a Saturday [which would be my preferred day of travel]

none of the main travel websites seem to use Cape Verde Airlines (TACV), so they are relying on TAP, and the TACV website itself seems only interested in US travellers ... so don't know how i can get online prices for TACV ?

the connections in Lisbon are:

LIS-RAI Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri - TACV
LIS-SID (Sal Airport) - M/T/W/T/F/S/S - TAP
and Wed/Sat/Sun - TACV

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