06 February 2007

london - maputo ...

looking to fly to Maputo, departing London on Sat 14th Apr ... and departing Maputo on Saturday 5th May ...

opodo.co.uk have Virgin/SAA flights for 544 gbp - departing LHR at 18:50, arriving in JNB at 06:55 with the connecting flight leaving at 13:50, arriving in MPM at 14:55. The return flight departs at 15:55 arriving in JNB at 17:05 with the connecting Virgin flight departing at 21:00, arriving in LHR at 06:55

expedia.co.uk have TAP flights for 657 gbp

travelocity.co.uk have the same flights for the same price - departing LGW at 16:00, arriving in LIS at 18:25 [or for an extra 5 quid, depart from LHR at 18:20] ... with the connecting flight departing LIS at 23:00 and arriving MPM at 10:45 the next day. on the way back the flight departs MPM at 10:40 arriving in LIS at 05:45 connecting to the LHR flight departing at 08:10 and arriving 10:45

the cheapest flights on ebookers.co.uk are SAA for 801 gbp

the best price on majortravel.co.uk is 764 gbp with SAA

airline-network.co.uk does not have availability on any of its fares

traveljungle.co.uk has the same Virgin and TAP fares as other websites

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Anonymous said...

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