19 May 2012

london to italy for the jubilee weekend

Looking to go to Florence from Sat 2nd June to Tuesday 5th June

Flights to the nearby airports (Florence / Pisa / Bologna) are either too late or too early ... so there seem to be two reasonable options:

STaNsted - Trieste
dep 11:35 and arrive 14:35 for 76 gbp, and then get the train from the nearby Monfalcone station (no need to go into Trieste itself) at 15:07 arriving into Florence (via Venice) at 19:00 for 38 eur (58 eur in first class) or the later 16:07 departure which arrives into Florence at 20:35 for 48 eur
LHR - Milan Linate
dep 9:25 and arrive 12:30 for 142 gbp, and the get the train from Milan at 14:20 (or an hour later) arriving into Florence at 16:05 for 49 eur

On the return journey, there are options from Rome to Luton (dep 19:35 arr 21:15 for 98 gbp), or Milan to Gatwick (dep 21:50 arr 22:40 for 109 gbp) ... but since it would be good to check out the leaning tower, the options from Pisa are:

Pisa to Luton departing at 16:25 and arriving at 17:45 for 131 gbp
Pisa to Leeds Bradford departing at 16:20 arriving at 17:45 for a ridiculous 33 gbp.  The 19:15 departure from Leeds arrives into Kings Cross at 21:28 and costs 60 gbp, or 89 gbp in first class

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