13 April 2015

London to Budapest ... by rail

For a different experience, I thought that I would look into going to Budapest by train ...

As always Seat61 is a fantastic resource for anything train related ... and they suggest a number of different routes to Budapest ...

With Eurostar starting direct trains to Lyon from 1st May, I thought that might open additional options, but in fact they aren't great either for timings or for pricing.

Whilst an overnight in Zurich and taking the scenic route sounds beautiful, I'm not sure that I have the patience for that long on a train !
So I'm thinking the London - Paris - Munich - Budapest, with the final leg on an overnight sleeper, looks like the best option.

Looking at prices for early (just to give an idea) - they are somewhat higher than those quoted on the Seat61 website:

London to Paris - I will hopefully be able to use my Eurostar Frequent Flyer points

Paris to Munich - there is just the direct train, but plenty of connecting services
79 euro (3rd May) to 99 euro (4th May) to 119 euro (2nd May)

Munich to Budapest overnight - the options for a sleeper (I'm ignoring the couchette and seat options):
3 person cabin - 89 euro per person
2 person cabin - 99 euro per person (an extra 10 euro for one less person sounds like good value)
1 person cabin - 149 euro per person

So 79 + 99 = 178 euro, assuming I can use my points to get to Paris

This compares to about 100 euro for a Wizzair flight (including train ticket to Luton).

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