23 June 2015

Antarctica - how to get a discount

Even with a discount, Antarctica is never cheap!  But every little helps, as the saying goes ...

If you are flexible in your timings, and can handle not knowing when / if you will actually get to Antarctica ... you can save a lot of money ... I paid just 34% of the list price for my 3 week trip to the Falklands, South Georgia, the peninsula and across the Antarctic Circle !

When my sister went to Antarctica almost a decade ago there were two main agencies

1) Ushuaia Turismo

2) Antarctica Travels

and now there is a third !

3) Freestyle Adventure Travel

They all upload their latest deals to their Facebook pages, but it's worth making contact, as they might email you the deals in advance of them being posted ... and they might be kind enough to earmark a place for you if they know that you are looking for a specific trip !

My sister went with Ushuaia Turismo many years ago.  I went with Antarctica Travels in January.  And quite a few people on my boat had booked with Freestyle.

The advantage of Antarctica Travels is that they have a member of staff based in Sweden - so when an offer is released after the close of business in Argentina, she sends out emails / posts it before the others.

The advantage of Freestyle is that they seem to offer a better service - giving advice, such as buying cheap drink in Ushuaia to take on board (and other less alcoholic tips), as well as arranging drinks the night before departure for their customers.  It meant that the Freestyle people on my boat had all met each other beforehand, so had a more enjoyable/relaxed first few nights than the rest of us !

Bear in mind that you will probably have to sign a disclaimer, promising not to reveal to anybody else on board how much you paid.  Your price won't include accommodation the night before departure (it can get busy in Ushuaia, so book it as soon as you have confirmed your trip).  They will of course take full payment at the point of booking as it will be close to departure (mine went through the ship company, not the travel agent) - and they may not let you split it across different credit cards.

Still, worth it for saving 66% of the list price !


Anonymous said...

It was only 5.5 years ago, not a decade!

independent traveller said...

not sure I trust your ability to count !