16 November 2016

Another attempt to get to LYR

I've written a few times over the last year about planning a trip to Svalbard - but I still haven't managed to execute it !

This winter it looks like Norwegian are flying just twice a week - on a Monday (departing at 09:50) and a Friday (departing at 08:45) - with return flights at 12:30 or 13:35

SAS has more options - with flights from TrOmSo on Mondays (depart 12:20), Tuesdays (depart 12:20,  Thursday (depart 00:20 and 12:20), Friday (depart 12:20) and Sunday (depart 12:20).

All these flights (apart from Thursday's midnight flight) originate in OSLo - stopping for 35 mins in TOS.

Norwegian have three direct flights a week from LGW - TOS on Mondays (depart 14:20), Wednesdays (depart 05:50) and Fridays (depart 14:20) - but these can cost anything from 31.50 gbp to 202 gbp plus each way.

It looks like SAS don't fly London - TOS direct.

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