21 January 2017

Transport for London fare increases

One of my complaints about how companies increase their prices is that they don't normally tell you what percentage they are going up by - so you can't get a feel for whether it's reasonable or how it compares to inflation over the last year.

TfL seem to suffer the same failing - with just a general comment about travelcards going up by less than 2%.  So I thought that it might be useful to start saving the annual list of prices - they delete the old prices from their website when they announce the new ones !

After some time googling for the 2016 list - I finally managed to find the pdf:

And of course the the 2017 pdf that is currently available on the TfL website - which I've saved for posterity:

I also came across a london.gov webpage (which will presumably be removed at the end of the year as well) which handily breaks down the increases - and of course blames the Train Operating Companies (TOCs) !

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